Is WordPress Management Confusing?

Make WordPress your Comfort Zone

Get ready for full control. We take your back with reliable, scalable, and purpose-focused managed WordPress hosting; Go ahead and Zoneit!





High-Performance Websites!

People loathe slow websites, and search engines dislike them even more! Our scalable Kubernetes-based cloud architecture ensures swift page loading for your users. Automatic resource scaling guarantees no downtime or sluggish loading in the event of unexpected traffic spikes. Let's say a crazy performance is at the door already!

Dare to Scale!

Every business is a growth business! That's why we've already addressed the issue of outgrowing your hosting plan with scalable database solutions. Zoneit Scalable plans provide a cost-effective solution where you pay only for the resources you actually utilize. Start by paying for the minimum resources and increase as your business grows. No need to worry about fluctuations in traffic or usage; Zone-it is flexible!


Best managed WordPress hosting services plans are available now! Choose it and zone it.

WordPress Hosting

Put time into growing your business and making things perfect. We make your website ready for your customers.

Start From

$11 /Month

WooCommerce Hosting

The best way possible to host your wooCommerce site. Our service leads to higher retention rates and sales.

Start From

$24 /Month

Headless WordPress

An API is needed to connect your preferred web designer tool to WordPress in the backend.

Start From

$5 /Month


Managing multiple client sites or running a business with several domains? Covers all your needs.

Start From

$16 /Month


WordPress hosting plans and solutions Suiting your specific business needs:

Small Businesses

Affordable price, easy to use control panel, and 24*7*365 support team are all here to say a warm welcome to web world newcomers.

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For large-scale WordPress websites and applications, our high-performance hosting solutions provide the reliability, scalability, and security you need.

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Launch and manage multiple websites and let your clients experience incredible digital presence. Our team of experts will be there to optimize the services for the best performance.

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Core Web Vital

Say Hi to good web vitals!

On Zone it managed WordPress hosting, distributing containerized workloads across multiple nodes and automatically load-balancing traffic. Kubernetes can ensure that each container runs at peak performance, leading to faster response times and better overall site speed.


How to migrate to an easy WordPress site management?


WordPress Plugin

Just install our exclusive plugin and watch the rest of the process get done automatically.


Full Backup Link

Simply install our exclusive plugin and, with the press of a button, the entire backup process is seamlessly taken care of automatically.


SFTP Protocol

We prioritize your security. Our plugin utilizes the SFTP protocol to ensure your safety during all your activities.

Why Zone it Control Panel?

WordPress management system Zone it avoids any complexity in control panels, combining all the dashboards you need and saving you time.

Simple is Hard!

Cross off learning to use Zone it exclusive control panel on your to-do list. We worked hard to keep everything simple for you.  

Fast Forever!

Regular control panels increase resource usage parallel to website growth. This one gives you access to every single data with absolutely no resource usage.  

Detailed Analytics

Unlock the best managed WordPress hosting features. Track essential data with the features inside the dashboard. With these features, you can troubleshoot almost everything.  

Experience peace of mind

WordPress management is about more than just choosing infrastructure and setting it up. It's just the beginning. Count on Zone it automated services for your daily hosting usage.

DDoS protection

Through the deployment of an overlay network and storing your essential information on the lowest layers, we make it exceptionally difficult for hackers to access your data.

Regular backups

Our disaster recovery policy is unwavering. We create a mirrored copy of your critical data in a Hot site, harnessing our advanced infrastructure for fast and reliable backups.

Multi-layer protection

Our service-oriented architecture runs each infrastructure element as an independent container, with rules to minimize vulnerabilities.

24/7 Support service

We are always here to help you with a personalized, human-to-human approach. We make an effort to understand our customers well in order to provide the best managed WordPress hosting possible. Please feel free to contact us for any minor problems or concerns.

Refined ticketing system

We offer ticketing support like you've never experienced before. Simply create a ticket and describe your issue; we'll take care of it promptly!

Experts who love to explain

Being a specialist is not enough to become a support team member. The eagerness to explain solutions is essential too. Our support team members got both.


No matter the time, we are always here to solve your problem. There are no days off for the support team.


Focus on your business while we take care of your web hosting needs.

Scalable Database

We scaled our database's architecture using MySQL Cluster. It always works fast, even during high traffic.

Advanced caching system

Advanced caching system ensures that your website stays fast and accessible without extra extensions or coding.

Kubernetes-based architecture

Kubernetes-based platform and scalable architecture that increases resources during peak times.

Various payment methods

Besides all the standard payment methods, we do accept crypto payments. Contact us for more information.