We prepared everything, it's your turn.

WordPress Hosting for Serious Resellers

We built the optimized reseller WordPress hosting platform so you can build your hosting reseller business. Zone it handles all the hassles at an enterprise level. Now you need to focus on sales.

Focus on Customers

 You don't have to deal with the complexities of server managment. Zone it as a provider handles the technical aspect so you can focus on your customers.

Full White-Label Control

Sell hosting under your brand. You control the logo, colors, plans, and pricing while we handle the technical details.

Manage Accounts Your Way

We make it simple for you to customize hosting plans with your branding, pricing, and features. Thats what allows you to tailor plans that perfectly match your client's needs.

Cost-effective business

The reseller web hosting model allows you to generate recurring income from the website hosting while keeping costs low by leveraging another company's data centers, servers, and 24/7 support.

The scale at Low Cost

By buying hosting plans in large volumes, resellers gain negotiating power with hosting providers, which helps secure even lower wholesale prices.

Maximize Revenue

Generate recurring income from website hosting while leveraging another company's infrastructure and support while keeping costs low.

We host, you run

The reseller hosting provider handless all the infrastructure management and maintenance so the reseller can focus on supporting their customers. 

Resell the most popular plans

As a newbie reseller, offering the most in-demand hosting plans is a great way to get started. Customers are looking for proven, reliable hosting, so focus on the basics at first and benefit from best reseller hosting plans.

Managed wordpress

A majority of websites still run on Wordpress. Offering managed Wordpress hosting allows you to target this huge market segment easily. Your customers get the convenience of a Wordpress platform hassle-free.

Optimized eCommerce

Ecommerce stores continue to grow rapidly. Your customers will appreciate an eCommerce hosting plan optimized for the demands of an online store. Features like built-in SSL, CDN, caching, and payment gateways will make their store run smoothly and securely.

Resell with Confidence

Whether you're a developer, marketing agency or solopreneur, our reseller program offers an easy and effective way to generate recurring revenue. Simply rebrand our existing plans and server stacks, then market and sell hosting services under your own name.

Customize plan details like pricing, features, bandwidth and storage

Manage accounts, clients and billing through our easy-to-use reseller portal

Leverage our 24/7 infrastructure, software and expert engineers behind the scenes