Getting started is always hard

Start with the minimum time and complexity

With the help of Zone It, you will have all the advantages of WordPress cloud in a WordPress host. You no longer need several dashboards and hours to manage WordPress. Start WordPress with a few clicks and own a WordPress site in less than a minute.

Best WordPress hosting Price

We design our pricing to be competitive, uncomplicated and fair. With monthly WordPress plans starting at an affordable $7, there's an option for every budget.


$11 /Month

Site Inclue



Local Storage

5 GB


50 GB


$22 /Month

Site Inclue



Local Storage

15 GB

Bandwidth / Month

125 GB


$44 /month

Site Inclue



Local Storage

20 GB

Bandwidth / Month

200 GB


$110 /month

Site Inclue



Local Storage

50 GB

Bandwidth / Month

500 GB

Why should you Zone it now?

Power Your WordPress with a Wp hosting Solution Built for Performance.

Tried, Tested and True

Our exclusive cloud runs on high-powered machines to minimize latency and maximize speed. Your store will load lightning fast, without exception.

Global CDN

Our content delivery network ensures that your site is served from the data center closest to your visitors, reducing latency and improving load times.

Auto scaling

 Our platform automatically adjusts resources to meet traffic demands, ensuring that your site remains fast and responsive even during traffic spikes.

Regular backups

Do not worry about data loss because we take regular backups from them. No tragic accidents can bother you while everything is in safe hands. We also monitor all the activities with Prometheus to prevent bad things from happening.


The most famous name in the security field is Cloudflare which we use to secure your WordPress. Ensure there is no vulnerability for malicious traffic to get into your website with the help of might Cloudflare.

Up and running websites

One of the most critical metrics in a WordPress website success is its uptime. The lesser the downtime, the more successful your website is. Our technical staff watches over everything to find any possible issues. Afterward, they solve that to ensure your WordPress is available to visitors.

Nginx caching technology

For Websites That Load Before You Finish Thinking ‘Click’

One of the most used web servers globally is Nginx. We took the caching ability of this web server and put it in our hosting services. That will be perfect when it comes to hosting WordPress. Improving speed and lowering latency is what you get in favor of an excellent caching system.

Make your comfort zone!

Managing WordPress hosting can be a time-consuming task that distracts from growing your business. Technical issues, software updates, and server maintenance all require valuable time and expertise. By focusing on what you do best - running and expanding your company - you can achieve greater success.

Automatic updates for WP

Daily backups and one-click restore

Free SSL certificate for secure transactions